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Students Needing to Ride a Different Bus

1. Bring a signed note from their parents with the following information:

  • Student Name
  • Bus Number to Ride
  • Address of Drop Off
  • Parent Signature

2.  Students should bring this note to the office, who will then issue a permission slip to ride the bus.

3.  The student will give this permission slip from the office to the bus driver.

Students who do not have this permission slip will be denied the privilege to ride the bus.

SMS Washington D.C. Trip Update
Salem Middle School Family:

The buses for our annual Washington, D.C. trip encountered two timing changes due to circumstances beyond school control, resulting in different return arrival times for our 8th grade students. Bus 2 experienced a mechanical issue with air conditioning, while Bus 1 was stopped in West Virginia due to driver fatigue and was awaiting a new driver. Bus 2 return is expected today in Salem, Indiana between 10:00 and 10:30 PM. Bus 1 departure from West Virginia will be at approximately 3:30pm, but the students are safe with chaperones in a hotel awaiting departure. We expect their arrival to Salem at approximately 9:30 to 10:00pm. Parents have been informed of new arrival times, and students will contact parents when arrival is approximately one hour out. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience this has created, but SMS is keeping student safety and well-being at the core of all decisions at this time.

We appreciate your understanding of the matter and will update when more information is available. Students traveling with the D.C. group will be excused from school tomorrow, Monday, April 30.

Thank you for patience, concern, and love for the students, staff and SMS family.

School Safety Update

Thank you to the Salem Police Department for their work on the investigation of a potential school safety concern.  There was no credible threat. Police have determined that the Salem Middle School student was responding to an inappropriate joke.  We commend the students for alerting administration and teachers of a possible safety concern, however; as the situation was discussed among students after school hours (in person and online), the facts of the case were distorted, altered, and misrepresented.  Additional untrue comments were rumored in connection with this incident.  Again, there is no credible threat. 


Important Notice

This evening we have received multiple reports of the same social media post that makes a threat toward a school simply referred to as "SHS".  Chief Joey Wheeler has assured us The Indiana State police have confirmed this threat was made two days ago against Springfield High School in Oregon.  This is NOT a threat against Salem High School.


Tragedy in Florida

Yesterday’s tragedy in Florida is a community’s worst nightmare. It also reminds us of the importance of safety and security in schools. We want to assure our families that our schools have been updated with modern security features including keyless entries, remodeled front offices where visitors must identify themselves and have doors unlocked before they can gain access to the schools, bullet resistant glass and the presence of a security resource officer on our campus. Additionally, and most importantly, our staffs have been trained in security protocol, and we conduct periodic drills to ensure everyone knows their role during a crisis.

School safety is everyone’s concern. Research shows that most school attackers tell someone about their plans. Parents, please talk to your children about telling you or another trusted adult if they hear anything that makes them feel uncomfortable or raises concern. Remind them they can go online to our website, www.salemschools.com, and report issues of concern anonymously. The safety of our students and staff remains our highest priority.


2 hour delay - 1/19/18

Salem Community Schools will operate on a 2hour delay schedule tomorrow, Friday, Jan. 19. There will not be a morning Prosser bus. There are some roads our busses will not be able to safely drive down. Affected student’s families will be contacted. If you are concerned in the morning and have not heard from your driver, please call our office to confirm. If you do not feel safe regarding your child’s travel to school, your child’s absence will not be counted against them. You must call the school office to report the absence.

SCS Closed - Jan. 18, 2018

Salem Community Schools will be closed tomorrow, Thursday, January 18.

Our roads continue to get better, however many county roads are still snow and ice covered and tricky to navigate. We are hoping tomorrow's warmer temperatures will allow for even more melting! We are anxious to see everyone's smiling faces back at school!

There will be no Prosser bus tomorrow.

The make-up day for Thursday, Jan. 18 will be Wednesday, Mar. 21.

SCS Closed - Jan. 17, 2018

Salem Community Schools will be closed tomorrow, Wednesday, January 17. While many of our main roads are in good condition, with the frigid temperatures today many roads in our district remain snow and ice covered and are treacherous to navigate.

There will be no Prosser bus tomorrow.

The make-up day for Wednesday, Jan. 17 will be Tuesday, Mar. 20.


SCS Closed- Jan. 16, 2018

Salem Community Schools will be closed again tomorrow, Tuesday, Jan. 16, 2018. There will not be any transportation to Prosser.

The make-up day for Tuesday, Jan. 16 will be Monday, Mar. 19. A revised 2017-18 school calendar will be posted tomorrow. (As a reminder, we will be in session Monday, Feb. 19 as well to make-up for the Friday, Jan. 12 snow day.)

SCS Closed - Jan. 15, 2018

Due to snow covered, icy roads throughout much of our district, Salem Schools will be closed tomorrow, Jan. 15.

Since tomorrow was a make-up day for Friday, we will now use President's Day - Monday, Feb. 19 - for Friday's makeup day.

Prosser is closed for the Martin Luther King Day Holiday.

2 Hour Delay - Jan. 3, 2018

SCHOOL DELAY DUE TO COLD.  Salem students will get a two-hour extension of their winter break.  Salem students return to class on Wednesday January 3, 2018, but the start of school will be delayed two hours due to the frigid temperatures. Temperatures are expected to be in the mid-teens each morning the rest of the week, so please watch for updates.  Prosser will not be in session until Thursday, January 4th, so AM Prosser students should not arrive at SHS tomorrow until time for lunch & PM Prosser students will be able to go home after their morning SHS classes.

Please dress your children in appropriate winter attire.  Anyone needing assistance should call your school office. 


Screenagers- Free viewing at SHS posted by Anne O'Connell

 Did you know that teens spend an average of 6.5 hours a day on social media, computer games and the internet?   Screenagers: Growing up in the Digital Age is a new movie exploring how this screen time is affecting young people and how some families are managing this technology in their lives. 

Parents, students and community members are invited see the film at Salem High School on May 2 at 6 pm.  Admission is free, but in order to plan for seating and refreshments, reservations are requested at this link.  Click the “Free” button to reserve your seats. 




Parent Survey- Please complete posted by Jennifer Martin

 Please complete the parent survey at the link below if you are a parent of an SCS student.  It is for a counseling grant.  Thank you.  Please due so by March 21.  Thank you.  


Junior Parent Information Sessions posted by Jennifer Martin

 Do you have a junior at Salem High School?  Please attend one of the information sessions:  Tuesday, January 17 at 6:30 pm and Wednesday, January 25 at 5:30 pm.  Both sessions cover the same information and are held in the Presentation Room.  


21st Cemtury Scholars Scholar Track Completion posted by Jennifer Martin

Is your son/daughter in grades 9-11 and a 21st Century Scholar?  Has he/she completed the Scholar Track Activities?  If not, these must be completed to keep the scholarship.  SHS is offering help on May 10-11. 




8th Grade Parent Night posted by Christine Mahuron

SHS Class of 2020  (Current 8th graders)

Parent Meeting:  There will be an 8th grade parent  information session about diploma track options held at the high school.  Students will also finalize freshmen classes at the end of the session.   Two sessions will be held each night.  Current 8th graders and a parent or guardian should plan to attend ONE session. 



Where:  Salem High School  Presentation Room


Date: Tuesday, 04/19/16 and Wednesday, 04/20/16


Time: 5:30 pm and 6:45 pm


Please contact Mrs. Mahuron at SHS if you can’t attend or if you have questions.


Phone: 812.883.3904

E-mail: cmahuron@salemschools.com

Lion Legacy Dinner posted by Jennifer Martin

Lion Legacy- April 8, 2016

The Lion Legacy Dinner is on April 8 at 6:30 pm in the SHS cafeteria.  Tickets are $25 each and can be purchased at Salem Apothecary, Loy & Fordyce Insurance Agency, and Mid-Southern Savings Bank.  After dinner (catered by Christies), guests will convene in the Presentation Room and the honorees will speak briefly and receive their award.  It is a nice evening and proceeds benefit scholarships awarded through the Salem Education Foundation.  Also this year, a recent SHS graduate will be awarded the renewable Edgar and Elinor DeJean Lion Legacy Scholarship. Please contact me if you have questions or would like tickets.   



Jack Mahuron             SHS Class of 1944        Banker, community leader

David DeJean              SHS Class of 1963        Editor, analyst, co-founder of PC/Computing Magazine

Jim Plump                   SHS Class of 1971        Executive Director of Jackson County Industrial Development Corporation

John Hawkins              SHS Class of 1977        Architect with Kovert Hawkins Architects

Jody Robertson            SHS Class of 1993        Pilot (and pilot instructor) with US Air Force.  She has had several overseas deployments

SCS 2-Hr Delay - 2/10/16

Salem Community Schools will be on a 2-hour delay today, Wednesday, February 10. There will be no morning Prosser bus.

SCS 2-Hr Delay - 2/9/16

Salem Community Schools will be on a 2-hour delay today, Tuesday, February 9. There will be no morning Prosser bus.

SCS Closed 1/22/16

 Predictions show 1-2" of snow in the southern half of our district will begin sometime this morning. Salem Community Schools will be closed today, Friday, 1/22/16.

SCS 2-Hr Delay - 1/21/16

SCS will be on a two hour delay tomorrow, January 21, 2016.  As always, there will be a few roads the bus cannot travel.  If you can, meet your driver at your predetermined location.  If you cannot, please call the school office in the morning to notify us and your child will be excused.

There will not be a morning bus to Prosser. 


Scholarship for SHS Graduates posted by Jennifer Martin

If you know a Salem High School graduate that is currently in college (undergraduate), he/she is encouraged to apply for the renewable Dr. Edgar DeJean Lion Legacy Dream Award.  The deadline is March 5.  To apply, go to:   



SCS Closed 1/201/6

 Salem Community Schools will be closed today, Wednesday, January 20, 2016. There will be no Prosser bus.

SCS 2-Hr Delay - 1/13/16

Salem Community Schools will be on a 2 hour delay tomorrow, Wednesday, Jan. 13. There will be no morning Prosser bus. Drivers may not be able to get down some roads. If your driver cannot safely get down your road, your student will be excused. Thank you!

Salem Schools Closed 1/12/16

Due to current conditions and predicted snowfall and dropping temperatures, Salem Community Schools will be closed today, Tuesday, Jan. 12. There will be no Prosser bus.


SCS will be closed Monday, 1/11/16

 Due to icy road conditions, Salem Community Schools will be closed on Monday, January 11, 2016. There will be no Prosser bus.

Financial Aid Workshop posted by Jennifer Martin

Important meeting for seniors and their parents- Financial Aid Night- December 8 at 6:30 pm at SHS


8th Grade Parent Night

 Class of 2019:  April 20 and 22- 8th Grade Parent Nigh at SHS.  Two sessions will be held each night (5:30 pm and 6:45 pm).  Current 8th graders and a parent or guardian should plan to attend ONE session. 



Junior Parent Information Session posted by Jennifer Martin

Junior Parent Information Session

When:  Wednesday January 14, 2015 at 5:30 pm.           

Parents and juniors are encouraged to attend this session. 

Where:  Salem High School Presentation Room

What:  PSAT scores will be distributed and explained.  We will also discuss the process that needs to occur to get juniors ready for their senior year. 

             Topics include SAT/ACT test information, college visits, options for “life after high school”, the military, apprenticeships, scholarship and financial aid, the importance of junior year grades, etc. 

Questions:  Contact Jennifer Martin (jmartin@salemschools.com) /812.883.3904

2-hour delay

SCS will operate on a 2-hour delay 1/8/2015

Yik Yak


Just to make you aware….Yik Yak has hit Salem, Indiana and is causing quite an uproar.  Some students have had it for months, but lately it has taken a negative turn.  Students are anonymous (although they can be traced with some effort).  I am encouraging all students to delete this app from their phones.  Please share this information with your friends (especially if they have teenagers/young adults).  Scott Ratts (Salem Police Department) has said this is one of the worst apps out there.  Yik Yak also has a high percentage of foreign men as members trying to “hook up” with young American teenagers (especially girls).  As is the case with some social media, people pretend to be someone they are not.  Our students do not need to be on this social networking site.  If you have questions, concerns, or additional information, please let me know.   Thanks. 




Attention: Students and Parent involved in the ISSME Solo-Ensemble Festival this weekend

Click here for an updated performance schedule and a copy of the
information sheet distributed to students last week.


FAFSA Day in Washington County posted by Jennifer Martin

RESCHEDULED:  Need help filing the FAFSA (financial aid form for college)?  The Washington County Community Foundation is hosting FAFSA Day on Tuesday, February 18 from 1 pm-7 pm.  This is a free service and seniors that have not filed the FAFSA yet are encouraged to attend. 


Middle School Boys and Girls MSC Basketball Tourney - 1/25/14 - Canceled posted by Salem Schools

Due to the potential snow and projected unsafe driving conditions tomorrow morning, the Boys and Girls Middle School MSC Basketball Tourney scheduled for Saturday, January 25, 2014 has been canceled. We will pass along any information regarding a make-up date when it is available.


Basketball Cancelled

The Boys Varsity/JV Basketball Game scheduled for tonight, Jan. 17,  vs. Scottsburg has been cancelled.

Financial Aid Workshop posted by Jennifer Martin


Salem High School will host a Financial Aid Workshop tomorrow (January 8) at 5:30 pm.  This workshop will be in the high school presentation room.  All seniors and their parents are encouraged to come to learn about completing the FAFSA (financial aid form).  All 21st Century Scholars are REQUIRED to complete this form.  Please contact Jennifer Martin (jmartin@salemschools.com) if you have any questions.    


Costa Rica Meeting posted by Doris Duffy

The Costa Rica trip meeting originally scheduled for January 6th has been changed to Monday,  January 20th.  Please meet in the high school library at 6:00 p.m.  This meeting is for those traveling to Costa Rica and their parents or guardians.


2 Hour Delay for 12/11/13

 Salem Community Schools will be on a 2-hour delay for Wednesday, December 11, 2013.  Please be advised there are a few areas our bus drivers will not be able to navigate.  If you completed and returned your yellow form to your bus driver and the number is still accurate, your driver will call you if he or she will not be at your normal bus stop.  If you are uncertain the driver has your number, please call 883-4437 after 8:00 am tomorrow morning. 

Any student who cannot be picked up by a school bus will be excused for the day.  Our drivers will not go down a road they do not feel is safe.  If a parent feels it is unsafe for their child to ride the bus, please call in and let the school know you are not comfortable putting your child on the bus.  The absence will NOT count against your child and their work may be made up.

In the event conditions worsen, there is a possibility school will be cancelled.


Athletic Events - 12/10/13

All Salem athletic events scheduled for 12/10/2013 have been cancelled.

Athletic Events -12/6/2103

 The Girls Basketball game scheduled for tonight will be postponed until 12/17/2013. The High School Wrestling invitational scheduled for tonight has been cancelled. The wrestling tourney scheduled for tomorrow, 12/7/2013, is TBD.

January 20, 2014 posted by L.Reed

 Due to the closing of school today, December 6, 2013, school will be in session on January 20, 2013.


Nathan Williams Outstanding Senior at Prosser posted by Jennifer Martin

Nathan Williams has been named the Outstanding Senior at Prosser Career Education Center in New Albany.  Nathan was selected by his teacher in the Construction and Earthmoving Equipment Program.  Nathan was recognized at the New Albany Rotary Club Luncheon on May 9.  Congratulations Nathan!

Two SHS Juniors to attend FBI Camp posted by Jennifer Martin


Rachel Carter and Allison Garloch have been accepted to attend the FBI camp this summer and train with FBI field agents. 


BSUE Art at Salem-Washington Township Public Library


Bradie Shrum Upper Elementary Art on Display at the Salem-Washington Township Public Library!

The public is invited to stop in throughout this month and see the more than 100 art works on display!

Also, the library will be hosting a reception for all students who have work on diaplay. The reception will be Saturday, May 23rd from 10:00am to 12:00pm at the public library. We thank the Salem-Washington Township Public Library for supporting the arts!



8th Grade Parent Information Session posted by Christine Mahuron

8th Grade Parent Information Session and registration for freshmen classes on March 18 and 19. Two sessions will be held each night. Current 8th graders and a parent or guardian should plan to attend one session.


SMS Theatre presents

View the press release here!



2 hour delay, February 22, 2013

 Due to icy road conditions, Salem Community Schools will be on a 2 hour delay today, February 22, 2013.


2-hour delay on Thursday, Jan 3rd posted by Lynn Reed

 Due to the condition of some of our country roads, all Salem Schools will be starting tomorrow, January 3rd, on a 2-hour delay schedule.



Automated Call on School Safety posted by Lynn Reed

Some of you did not receive the automated call this evening. here is the message:

The tragedy in Connecticut reminds us all of the importance of safety and security in schools. We want to assure our families that our school has an updated school safety plan. The members of our staff have been trained on the specifics of this plan, and we conduct periodic drills to ensure that everyone knows their role during a crisis. Our school also has specific protocol for entry to our schools, and we appreciate the understanding of our parents as we enforce these protocols for the safety of our children. The safety of our students remains our highest priority.

NHS buys books and reads to elementary students posted by Lisa Gardner

Salem High School NHS purchased books for elementary students and reads to them weekly.  Click "More" to read more....


Salem High School Holiday Concert posted by William Spencer-Pierce


The Salem Choirs present their Holiday Concert this Friday evening
at 7:30 p.m. in the SMS Auditorium. Come here seasonal favorites old
and new, highlighted by featured soloists Mykayla Amos, Melody Cooke,
and Nicole Clark and a 150+ voice Massed Choir Finale. Admission is free
but seating is limited, doors open at 6:45. A free will donation to the
Washington County Food Bank is collected at this annual event.

Christmas Assistance Program posted by Christine Mahuron

 NOW is the time to apply for the Washington County Christmas Assistance Program

If your family is in need of assistance due to financial reasons, you have the opportunity to apply for the Washington County Christmas Assistance Program.  The program is for children 16 or younger. 



YOU MUST APPLY AND BE ACCEPTED to receive this assistance.  You can apply according to the following information.


Graduation 2013!!!!

 Attention parents of Salem High School seniors!!

Your child should have received information regarding caps, gowns, graduation announcements, etc. at school on October 3rd. Herff Jones representatives will be at Salem High School on Thursday, October 11th from 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. to take orders for these materials. Please be sure your child brings the completed order form and the $90 deposit that day. If you are paying by check or money order, please make checks payable to Herff Jones. If your child plans to order a class ring through Herff Jones at this time, an additional $70 deposit is required. 


The Dentist is Coming to School! posted by Ms. Jennifer Lawyer, SMS Counselor


Sports at the college level posted by Jennifer Martin

What does it take to play sports at the college level?  Information session will be held at Salem High School to discuss this. 


First Edition of Lion's Roar posted by D. Smith, principal

 Click the link below for the SHS newsletter, Lion's Roar!


Water Advisory Information posted by Lynn Reed

The City of Salem will remain under a boil water alert until noon on Friday 8/24. Schools will provide clean water to students as needed. Parents, you may send an unopened bottle of water with your child if you desire.


Salem High School - Concert Choir posted by Mr. Spencer-Pierce

Salem High School Concert "Great American Songbook"

May 15, 2012, 8PM, SHS Presentation Room

Senior Choir Members will be recognized for their commitment to Vocal Music at SHS.

Admission is free, and we hope you will join us.



North Field being treated

Please be advised that the property directly north of Bradie Shrum Elementary will be treated for weeds sometime between April 13th and 15th.



Choir Concert Tonight! posted by Mr. Spencer-Pierce

Salem Middle School Choir 6 and Concert Choir

perform tonight at 8:00 p.m. at the SMS Auditorium.

Free Admission.



Lion Legacy Dinner posted by Jennifer Martin

The 3rd Annual Lion Legacy Dinner will honor six SHS graduates on April 13.  Tickets are on sale now. 


SMS Theatre Production posted by William Spencer-Pierce

Salem Middle School Theatre presents "HOMEWORK EATS DOG and Other Woeful Tales" 



This Friday, March 16, at 8:00 p.m. in the SMS Auditorium. Adults, $5.00; Students, $3.00;

kids Grade K and under Free. Come join us for tales of the most ridiculous excuses for not

finishing a school project you've ever heard!

Release Schedule - 3/2/12 posted by Erin Humphrey
Salem Schools will be releasing students at 4:40pm. If you child is not home within a reasonable amount of time, they will be at the Bradie Shrum Elementary School gymnasium. According to the sheriff, some roads will be unpassable. The students who live on or near those roads are the students that will be brought back to the gym.

SHS Vocal State Competition Results posted by Bill Spencer-Pierce

Clean Sweep - All Four SHS Vocalists who qualified for the ISSMA State Solo-Ensemble Festival were awarded "Gold" Ratings Saturday, Feb. 18, at the the State Event at Perry Meridian High School. Rachel Carter, Brittany Gabbard, Melody Cooke, and A'ndrea Hollars earned the highest possible Statewide ratings after qualifying in the District Event the previous weekend.


Thirteen other SHS-SMS students also successfully participated in the District Solo Festival.


The students are all active members of the SHS Concert Choir and prepared their pieces with accompanist Allison Fory Hall over the last six weeks as part of the 21st Century Community Learning Center Program.


Two hour delay posted by L. Reed

 SCS will be on a two-hour delay schedule today. 

SHS Vocal State Finalists posted by Bill Spencer-Pierce

Salem High School vocalists Rachel Carter, Brittany Gabbard, Melody Cooke, and A’ndrea Hollars (pictured left to right)earned a trip to the ISSMA State Finals by receiving Gold Ratings in Group I at the ISSMA District Solo-Ensemble Festival. The students will be representing SHS this Saturday at the State Vocal Solo Festival at Perry Meridian High School.


Chili Supper to benefit Lady Lion Soccer

Lady Lions Soccer Boosters are hosting a chili supper February 17, 5:30-7pm at the Salem High School cafeteria. Chili will be served before the boys varsity basketball, Salem vs. Charlestown game. Cost is $5 for adults, $2.00 for students. Soup, dessert and drink included in price.

Soup Supper for Johnson Scholarship Feb 3

Next Friday before the Boy Basketball homecoming, Salem FFA and NHS are teaming up for a All-You-Can-Eat Soup Supper to raise money for the Randy Johnson Scholarship.  Join us from 5:30 to 7 p.m. in the SHS Cafeteria on Feb 3 to contribute to the scholarship fund and have a great meal.


Financial Aid Night posted by Jennifer Martin

Seniors and their parents are encouraged to attend the Financial Aid Night on Thursday, December 1 at 7 pm at SHS. 


Salem School Shootout

2012 Basketball Tournament - Saturday, February 18th and Sunday, February 19th.  School teams preferred, other teams required to play up one level. Grades 3-8, Boys and Girls. 

Salem School Shootout Flyer



Internet Safety Workshop posted by Jennifer Martin

Internet Safety Workshop for parents at Salem High School on Monday, November 7 at 7 pm.  Keep your kids safe....come and learn about the hidden dangers in texting and social media.   



We are now in Ticket-Selling mode for the latest incarnation of

the BOHEMIAN SUPPER CLUB at SHS on Fri-Sat, Nov 4-5

at 7:30 p.m. Tickets on sale NOW through Norma Nelson at the SHS





SHS Open House - Thursday Night

October 27, 2011, from 5:30PM- 7:30PM

Come see student artwork and a free program presented by the SHS Concert Choir (7:15PM)!


Taste of Salem posted by Jennifer Martin

The Taste of Salem is on Thursday, November 3 at Cornerstone Hall at 7 pm.  Tickets are available at Salem Apothecary, Mid-Southern Bank, Loy and Fordyce, and Salem High School (Jennifer Martin).  All money raised from this event goes to scholarships for Salem High School seniors.   

Canned Food Drive posted by Cathy Huey

The Salem High School Community Service Club is sponsoring a food drive on Saturday, October 8.  Students will be accepting donations outside of Jay C and Save A Lot from 10 am-1pm.  All goods will be donated to the Washington County Food Bank. 

Fall Book Fair at Bradie Shrum posted by Ms. Dillon

Scholastic Fall Book Fair

The Scholastic Fall Book Fair will be held in the Bradie Shrum Elementary Library from Monday, September 26, 2011 – Friday, October 7, 2011.  Students will be able to shop during their scheduled library times as well as before and after school.  The fair will be open every day from 7:30 – 3:30 p.m.  Evening hours will be offered during the Lower Elementary Fall Carnival on Friday, September 30 from 5:30 – 7 p.m. 

In addition, this year we will be offering an Online Book Fair where you can go online to place orders at http://www.scholastic.com/schoolbookfairs/2896142.  Orders will be shipped to the school and distributed to students there.  If you have any questions, please contact Kara Dillon at 812-883-4376 or by email at kdillon@salemschools.com.  You can also visit the book fair homepage at http://bookfairs.scholastic.com/homepage/bselibrary



SHS Varsity Football Game Start Time 9/2/11

Due to the heat, the SHS Varsity Football Game will be delayed until 8PM tonight.


Terry Hall's Body Safety Program

Department of Child Services of Washington County is sponsoring Terry Hall’s Body Safety program to be presented to all Salem students in grades K – 12 on Tuesday September 27th.

Salem School Presentations on September 27th are scheduled as follows:

8:15 AM Salem Middle School

9:30 AM Salem Lower Elementary

10:30 PM Salem Upper Elementary

1:00 PM Salem High School grades 9-10

2:00 PM Salem High School grades 11-12


Salem Choirs Sing Out! posted by Mr. Spencer-Pierce

Salem Choirs Sing Out In End-of-Year Concerts


The Salem Choirs end their year with two back to back concerts

this coming week.


Salem Middle School singers will cap their year with a free concert at 8:00 p.m.,

Monday, May 23 at the SMS Auditorium. They will perform a variety

of classic, folk, and pop literature.


SHS Seniors make their final appearance with the Salam High School

Choir on Tuesday, May 24, at 8:00 p.m., also in SMS Auditorium. Senior

Choir members include Gordon Emily, Dalton Moore, Robbie Sherman,

Kirsten Ratliff, Christina Lamb, Emily Gilstrap, and Danielle Williams.

SHS Theatre Arts Class presents posted by Mr. Spencer-Pierce

SHS Theatre Arts Class presents "David and Lisa"

May 20, 2011

8:00PM in the SHS Presentation Room

Admission: $5.00 Adults, $3.00 for Students


Annie Newkirk - First Place Winner

Rep. Todd Young announces winners in Congressional Art Competition


Congressman Todd Young is pleased to announce that six high school students from the Ninth District won awards in the 2011 Congressional Art Competition.  The piece by the first place winner Annie Newkirk, a senior at Salem High School, will be hung in the U.S. Capitol for millions of visitors to see during the next year.


Internet Safety Workshop posted by Jennifer Martin

SHS to host Internet Safety Workshop for parents on Thursday, May 5.  Parents with children in grades 4-12 are encouraged to attend. 



Due to standing water on many roads, SCS will be on a 2 hour delay on April 25, 2011.  Please be patient with your bus driver as he or she may need to go around water to get to you.  In some cases, the bus may not be able to get to your house.  Feel free to call the central office Monday morning if you have any questions. 

8th Grade Parent Nights posted by Jennifer Martin

Eighth grade students and a parent need to attend one of four sessions at Salem High School to register for freshmen classes on March 31 or April 5. 


Free Sports Physicals

Salem High School will offer free physicals for any student/athlete entering grades 6-12 next year. The dates are listed below


Boys – May 18th at 5:15 in the high school aux. gym

Girls – May 25th at 5:15 in the high school aux. gym


Snow Day Survey

At this time, we are only one snow day away from needing to have school in June.  We'd like input from teachers, students and parents on how to best reschedule missed school days.  Please take a moment to help  guide our decision-making by completing this short survey:

Snow Day Survey




February 14, 2010 will be a student day. posted by L. Reed

February 14, 2011 was scheduled to be a professional development workday for all SCS teachers.  Due to the number of snow days we have had, we are changing February 14, 2011 to a student day.  All students are expected to attend school on February 14, 2011. The teacher professional development day will be rescheduled at the end of the school year.

School closed - January 12, 2011

School will be closed on January 12, 2011

SHS Girls and Boys Basketball Games will be played as scheduled!

FYI - SHS basketball games will be played as scheduled today at home.  Girls' games begin at 1PM and Boys' games begin at 6PM.  Come out and support your Lions!


Due to school closing on Dec16th & 17th, SHS students will review for finals on Monday, Jan 3rd.

Final exams will be Jan 4th & 5th. First semester report cards will be issued Tuesday, Jan 11th.  Happy New Year!

FFA Chili Supper posted by L. Reed

Salem High School's FFA Chili Supper is tomorrow (Wednesday, Dec 22nd) from 4:30-6:30pm at SOUTHERN HILLS CHURCH.  All donations will benefit the Christmas Assistance Fund. Come out before you go to the Wednesday night Holiday Tourney at West Washington!  There will be GREAT Chili, wonderful dinner companions, and it goes to a fabulous cause.  PLUS, you will not have to cook or clean up!!! 

Update on Varsity Boys' Basketball Holiday Tournament posted by L. Reed

The Varsity Boys' Basketball Tournament has been rescheduled for TUESDAY, DEC 21st, 5:30PM and WEDNESDAY, DEC, 22nd 6:00PM at West Washington High School.  The JV Tournament date and time has yet to be determined.

School Closing Information posted by L. Reed

School will be closed tomorrow, December 17, 2010.  We will update Event Calendar on our website with information on this weekend's Holiday Tournament when information becomes available. 

BSLE Chime Choir and First Grade Christmas Program! posted by Mr. Davis

The BSLE Chime Choir and First Grade Christmas Program, A Rainbow Christmas, will be presented on Tuesday, December 14, 2010 at 7:00 in the BSE gym.  Speakers and Chime Choir members need to report to the gym at 6:10, and all other students need to report to the cafeteria by 6:45 PM. Please contact Mr. Duane Davis with any questions.


Senior Financial Aid Night

Financial Aid Night at Salem High School

December 6, 2010  7 pm

Information for seniors and their parents concerning the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).


Bohemian Supper Club - Nov 12 & 13 at SHS


The “Supper Club” is a Coffeehouse-style performance sponsored by the SHS Choir. It is an opportunity for community members to hear talented instrumentalists and singers from SHS in a club-type venue. A menu of coffees and desserts will be on sale at the event.


This year, the students are preparing an all-Blues show, featuring the SHS Vocal Jazz Ensemble, various soloists, and a live band. Reserved seats are $5.00 each while they last, and may be ordered from any Choir member, from the SHS Bookstore, or by calling the Music Office at 883-6044.

Bohemian Supper Club Information


Be sure to adjust your clocks Saturday night! posted by L. Reed

Don't forget to adjust your clocks back Saturday night, check/change the battery in the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and  if all else fails, check out time.gov to get the exact time right down to the second.

7th Grade Parent Night
 7th Grade Parent Night--Thursday, November 11
Team 7 is sponsoring a parent night from 6 pm to 7 pm in the SMS commons to explain and demonstrate the new Powerschool Parent Portal and how parents can keep up with their children’s grades and progress in school. Other topics for the evening include the 7th grade Academic Challenge, upcoming field trip and this year’s National History Day activities. For more information, please contact a 7th grade teacher at the middle school at 883-3808.

2010 Book Rental and Supply Lists


SMS Students Receive 21st Century Scholars Applications posted by Christine Mahuron

All SMS students received the application for the 21st Century Scholars Program during the week of September 20.  Qualifying students are eligible for four years of tuition at Indiana colleges and universities. 


Bradie Shrum Book Fair

Bradie Shrum Elementary will be hosting a Scholastic Book Fair!

September 27 through October 8, 2010 until 3:30pm every day!

Late hours on September 28th  and October 5th until 5:00pm and October 8th from 5-7pm. 


Boxtops for Education program!

Please help us raise funds for library books and equipment through the Boxtops for Educaton program!


College Go Week in Indiana posted by Jennifer Martin

Indiana has declared September 20-24 College Go Week.  Several colleges are waiving their application fees this week.  Students in grades 6-12 will be participating in a variety of activities to spark their thinking about life after high school. 


Sept 14 Early Release posted by Jackie Arnold
On Tuesday, September 14, all Salem students will be released approximately 30 minutes early so that teachers can meet for professional development. Bradie Shrum Upper and Lower Elementary students will begin boarding busses at 2:30 p.m. Busses will pick up first load middle school students at 2:40 p.m. and high school students at 2:45 p.m. Teachers will be meeting at the Salem High School Presentation Room from 3:00-4:30 p.m. 

Sixth Grade Orientation posted by Christine Mahuron

Dates for orientation/information sessions for 6th graders and their parents


SHS Drama presents posted by Richard Trueblood

May 1-3, 2010 at SMS Auditorium. Tickets will be $8 for adults and $6 for students and senior citizens and the production will be at the SMS Auditorium.  Showtime is 8 p.m. on Saturday, 2 p.m. on Sunday and 8 p.m. on Monday.

Click here for more information.



The Bradie Shrum Lower Elementary Kindergarten Spring Sing a long program will be held on April 13, 2010 at 6:30 PM at the Salem High School Gym.  The students are to report to the SHS Presentation Room (Next to the gym) at 6:10. Contact Duane Davis, Music Teacher, with questions.


Bradie Shrum Book Fair posted by Kara Dillion

UPDATED BOOK FAIR INFORMATION:Bradie Shrum Elementary Library is hosting a book fair April 12-23, 2010.  The book fair will be open until 3:30 p.m. every day and during the Spring Carnival on Friday, April 23, 2010.


8th Graders Enroll in High School posted by Jennifer Martin

Eighth graders and their parents need to attend one of four sessions in order to register for high school classes. 


Salem Education Foundation Academic Hall of Fame Banquet posted by Jennifer Martin

The Salem Education Foundation Academic Hall of Fame will induct its first members on April 9, 2010 at 7:00 p.m. at Cornerstone Hall. 


SHS & EHS Singers to Peform! posted by Bill Spencer-Pierce

Hoosier Hills Choral Festival at Salem Middle School - Thursday, March 18, 2010, at 7:30PM. 

Headlining the event is the Combined High School Choir from both Eastern and Salem, who will perform several selections together. Along with the Combined Choir, the audience will hear from the EHS Chamber Choir, Concert Choir, and Fermatas; the Salem HS Vocal Jazz Ensemble; and the SHS Concert Choir.


Daylight Saving Time! posted by L. Reed

Be sure to set your clock one hour forward before you go to bed on Saturday night!  Daylight Saving Time begins at 2:00 a.m. on Sunday, March 14, 2010.

Warning about Edifi College Financial Aid Services posted by Christine Mahuron

If your son or daughter received an invitation from Edifi College Financial Aid Services, please read the attached article containing information about this company.   


Talking to Your Kids About Drugs posted by Jennifer Martin and Christine Mahuron

Salem Community Schools will host a parent night on Tuesday, March 9, 2010 at 6:30 pm at Salem Middle School in the cafeteria.  This session will include information on talking to your kids about drug/alcohol use and abuse.  Parents of students in grades 4-12 are encouraged to attend.  Contact Christine Mahuron (812.883.3808/ cmahuron@salemschools.com) or Jennifer Martin (812.883.3904/ jmartin@salemschools.com) with questions.   


Salem High School Wins Regional Science Olymiad posted by Greg McCurdy

The Salem High School Science Club traveled to Indiana University Southeast in New Albany on Saturday, February 13th where they competed in the Regional Science Olympiad. The Lion Scientists proved to be too much for the competition as they came away with top honors and qualified for the State Science Olympiad to be held on the Indiana University Bloomington campus on Saturday, March.20th.  


Dress Code Survey

We would appreciate you taking the time to complete this survey:



We Want SMS Students to Register for the 21st Century Scholars Program posted by Christine Mahuron

The 21st Century Scholars Program wants to help Indiana families afford a college education for their children.  Students must register while in middle school.  Attached is a letter sent home to parents and a list of frequently asked questions about the program.  Due to the snow days, the deadline to submit a completed application is now Friday, February 26, 2010 for eligibility in the prize drawing.   


SMS cafeteria information posted by Mr. Oppel

Beginning Wednesday, November 18, the SMS cafeteria will be computerized. The system is similar to the one used at the elementary. All students will have a PIN number that they will enter into a key pad when they go through the lunch line. Unlike the elementary cannot charge items to their account. Students must have money in their account to purchase lunch. A notice will be sent home when the student’s balance falls below $3.00. Students who come to school without enough funds in their account will be given the opportunity to call home and make arrangements for money to be brought to school. Students may begin putting money in their account on Tuesday, November 17. This money cannot be withdrawn until Wednesday.


H1N1 Influenza Clinic for Children 6 months to 12 years and pregnant women

H1N1 Influenza Clinic: for children 6 months to 12 years of age and pregnant women ONLY. 

Bradie Shrum Elementary, November 14, 2009 at 9:00am

Clinic dates for all other students and adults will be announced at a later time.

For more information: Washington County Health Department www.washcohealth.com , 812-883=5603



SHS Drama Department Presents: Dark of the Moon posted by Mr. Trueblood

SHS Drama Department will present Dark of the Moon by Howard Richardson and William Berney.   November 21, 7PM, November 22, 2PM, and November 23, 7PM in the SMS Auditorium.  Tickets - $8 for Adults, $6 for Students and Senior Citizens


Daylight Saving Times Ends on Sunday, November 1st posted by L. Reed

Enjoy an extra of sleep on Sunday morning!


Bohemian Supper Club posted by Mr. Wm Spencer-Pierce

Bohemian Supper Club, featuring the music of the Beatles

November 12 & 13, 2009

SHS Presentation Room


Saturday Science Set for Nov 7 posted by Greg McCurdy & John Calhoun

Bradie Shrum Upper Elementary students are invited to join the SHS Science Club members for Saturday Science on Nov. 7 from 9 a.m. until noon


Help Keep Our Students Healthy posted by L. Reed

letter to parents


Twenty-First Century Scholars Program posted by Christine Mahuron

SMS students:  Return Twenty First Century Scholars applications this week.


Scholastic Book Fair -Bradie Shrum Elementary Library

Bradie Shrum Library is collecting Box Tops and Labels for Education

Band Instruments Needed

Band Program is in need of additional instruments.



This link has pictures from the 2008-2009 School Year at Salem Middle School.


Click here to see our Scrapbook

Update information on Swine Flu posted by DOE

Updated Memo from State Superintendent of Public Instruction, Dr. Tony Bennett - Swine Flu Precautions for Schools.


Common Questions about ISTEP+

Common Questions about ISTEP+

Don't Forget to Change Your Clock! posted by L. Reed

Remember to "spring" your clocks forward one hour before you go to sleep Saturday night! 

Sunday, March 8, 2009 at 2:00:00 AM clocks are turned forward 1 hour to 3:00:00 AM. 

8th Grade Parent Night posted by J. Martin & C. Mahuron

Important information!  8th Graders to register for freshman classes.


Prism concert posted by W. Spencer-Pierce

Salem High School Vocal Music students will perform in a special “Prism” concert Thursday night, March 5, at 7:30 p.m. in the school Presentation Room.


SMS Play - February 28, 2009

Admission for “15 Reasons” is $5.00 for Adults, and $3.00 for Students. Curtain time for the one-night only performance is February 28, 2009 at 8:00 p.m. at the Salem Middle School Auditorium.


School will be CLOSED today! posted by L. Reed

Salem Community Schools will be closed today, February 3, 2009.


ISSMA Solo Festival Rescheduled posted by William Spencer-Pierce

ISSMA Solo Festival Rescheduled


Due to the weather this week the ISSMA Vocal/Piano Solo and Ensemble Festival scheduled for January 31st at Scottsburg High School has been postponed to Saturday, February 14th.



School will be closed on Friday, January 30, 2009 posted by L. Reed

Salem Community Schools will be closed on January 30, 2009.



2-hour delay – Friday, January 16, 2009

Students will stay until regular release time.



2 hour delay for Thursday - January 8, 2009

SCS will be on a 2 hour delary for January 8, 2009.

December 18,2008 - School Closed posted by L. Reed

Due to adverse road conditions, Salem Schools will be closed today.


1st Grade Christmas Program Rescheduled

Due to the cancelation of school this morning, tonight's Christmas Program for the Chime Choir and First Grade is CANCELED. Due to the lack of days for a make-up date, there will be no evening program. However, the program was scheduled for the school tomorrow afternoon at 2:00 P.M., and it will still be on as scheduled. All are welcome to come at this time.

Sorry for any inconvenience, 

Duane Davis, Music Teacher

Salem High School named one of Indiana's posted by L. Reed

Salem High School is one of Indiana's Best Buys!



Updated:  Link to Salem High School first semester final exam schedule. 


School Closed December 17, 2008 posted by L. Reed

School closed on 12-17-08.



Due to inclement weather, School will be dismissed today at 1:30PM. 


Kindergarten News posted by L. Reed

Kindergarten students study holidays around the world.


Message from the Indiana Department of Education posted by L. Reed

Information concerning online ISTEP+ student reports.


Salem Middle School Open House posted by Brent Minton, Assistant Principal

Salem Middle School will be open for students, parents and community members on Thursday, November 13th from 5 – 7 p.m. 

Free Chili Supper while supplies last!


Bohemian Supper Club posted by William Spencer-Pierce

Internet Safety Workshop for Parents posted by Jennifer Martin

WhatWorkshop for parents covering topics relating to Internet safety

WhenOctober 28, 2008       7:00 p.m.

WhereSalem High School Presentation Room

WhyEvery day children and teenagers put themselves at risk when they interact on social networking sites.  For example, they may think they are chatting with another teen when really an unsafe adult is posing as a teen.  Predators of this type are so many and so active that law enforcement officials cannot keep up with catching them.  They need your help to keep your child safe.  Come and learn how.

WhoThis workshop is presented by Indiana State Police Officer, Tony Brishaber and Salem High School Counselor, Jennifer Martin.

Questions???  Contact Jennifer Martin at Salem High School  812.883.3904




Salem High School Open House posted by James Ralston, Principal

Salem High School Open House - October 23, 2008, 5:00PM-7:00PM. 


City Receives 2008 Safe Routes to School Grant posted by Lynn Reed

Safe Routes to School Grant is approved by IDOT.


Fall Festival at Bradie Shrum Lower Elementary posted by Lynn Reed

Bradie Shrum Fall Festival - October 3, 2008


Colts in Motion posted by L. Reed

Colts in Motion to be at SHS - October 3, 2008.


Storm Make-up Day posted by Lynn Reed

In order to make up the “Storm Day” of September 15th, Salem students will need to attend school on December 22nd.


CHANGE IN SPORTING EVENTS posted by Randy Johnson

Change of Venue, postponement, and cancellations.


ISTEP+ Testing Information! posted by Lynn Reed

ISTEP+ and GQE information.


School will be in session on Tuesday, September 16th posted by Lynn Reed

Salem Community Schools will be IN SESSION, at regular time, on Tuesday, September 16th.


Weighted Grade System to be Implemented at Salem High School posted by Jennifer Martin, Counselor

Beginning with this year's freshmen class, Salem High School will use a weighted grading system for calculation of Grade Point Average.


Swim Coach Receives Grant posted by L. Reed

Teresa Smedley receives "Jenny's Heroes" Grant.


Welcome to our new website posted by Lynn Reed

We are currently updating our website.  We hope you will be pleased with our progress.


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