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New Discipline Procedures in SHS Student Handbook
posted by Derek Smith, Principal

Press release
August 6, 2009


Salem High School has two significant changes in the student handbook this fall. First, school officials will notify police when students are involved in a fight on school grounds before, during or after school. Police officers will come to the school and take the students to the police station to determine if criminal charges will be filed. Parents will be notified by school officials that their child was involved in a fight and will be asked to pick up their child at the police station.

The second change will occur if a student uses or is in possession of tobacco on school grounds. In accordance with Salem Community School Board Policy which creates a “tobacco free” school environment (see policy below) and Indiana Code (IC 35-46-1-10.5), which prohibits tobacco possession for anyone under the age of 18, school officials will notify police if a student is using or in possession of tobacco. In addition to established school discipline, the student may receive a citation from the police for illegal possession of tobacco.



The Board of School Trustees is dedicated to providing a healthy, comfortable, and productive environment for students and as such remains committed to reduce involuntary exposure to tobacco smoke among students and staff…It is the intent of the Board to create a “tobacco free” school environment. (Board Policy #2150, Adopted January 6, 2003)




Thank you,

Derek Smith


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