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Information on Weather Related Days

 November 22, 2016

Dear Parent:

Winter weather is nearly upon us and with its arrival it is time to face the possibility of hazardous road conditions and potential closings.  The decision to close or cancel school is not an easy one to make.  Indiana Law requires 180 days of attendance for students.  Each day that school is called off must be made up some time during the school year.  But most importantly, we are concerned with the health and safety of the students.

During periods of questionable weather, we will evaluate the road conditions from several points of view.  We will consider the view of selected drivers, school officials, county and state highway officials, law enforcement, and weather prospects from data on the internet.

We will begin driving roads about 4:15 a.m.; and if a decision is made to close schools, we will make every effort to make the announcement by 6:15 a.m.  We will notify all local media sources, post on Facebook and Twitter and on the Salem Community Schools website – www.salemschools.com.  And if we have accurate contact information for you, you will receive a text, email and/or phone call from our emergency notification system.  Now is the time to double check that all your personal contact information is up-to-date.

It is often difficult to get an accurate reading on overall conditions and nearly impossible to know the conditions of specific roads and turn-arounds.  But in each instance, school closing and cancellation decisions are made using the best information available.

If school has not been cancelled and you believe it is not safe and do not want your child on the bus, it is your prerogative to keep your child home.  The absence will be excused.  In such cases, we request that you notify the school and, whenever possible, transport your child to school once you consider the roads safe.  However, if you bring your child to school and the bus did not travel your road, you will also need to pick your child up at the end of the day.

We have also directed each driver to avoid any road that he/she believes to be hazardous.  Your bus driver will appreciate your support; she/he has a tremendous responsibility.  Like the decision to cancel school, the decision to avoid a portion of a route is never easy.

Finally, there is always the chance that incoming weather may force the closing of school during the day.  We will avoid this decision whenever possible because of the problems that occur when parents are away from home, but please be prepared.  You should make special arrangements for the care of your children should this situation become necessary. 

Thank you for your continued cooperation with Salem Community Schools.


D. Lynn Reed, Superintendent

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