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Guidelines for Choir Members


COURTESY - School behavior standards apply at all times. Students are expected to respect the rights of others, and to cooperate with staff and each other. This same respect is to be extended to students and groups from other schools.


REHEARSAL PROCEDURE – Bring your best to Rehearsal each day – you are part of a musical “team” which is dependent on each member. Our individual efforts to maintain a positive rehearsal atmosphere will yield memorable performances.


ATTENDANCE – All members are expected to be in attendance at required events. These are posted well in advance and coordinate with athletic schedules to minimize conflicts with other school activities.


Aside from absences due to illness or family emergency, parents must resolve conflicts well in advance. Student work schedules, non-school activities, and “explanations” from students after the fact do not typically qualify as excused absences.


MATERIALS and CONCERT WEAR – Students are responsible for returning items in the same condition in which they were issued. Parents will be charged for replacement cost of lost items.  


TRAVEL – Students are to travel with the group en route to events. Let us know if you plan to ride home with a parent.

Vocal Music Mission Statement
Guidelines for Choir Members

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