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Breaking News

2 hour delay - 1/19/18

Salem Community Schools will operate on a 2hour delay schedule tomorrow, Friday, Jan. 19. There will not be a morning Prosser bus. There are some roads our busses will not be able to safely drive down. Affected student’s families will be contacted. If you are concerned in the morning and have not heard from your driver, please call our office to confirm. If you do not feel safe regarding your child’s travel to school, your child’s absence will not be counted against them. You must call the school office to report the absence.

Teachers Sub-Sections

Applied Tech Vocab List #1   Quiz Friday Aug 16th.

        1.) Audiohttp://c.quizlet.com/a/i/spacer.Thhr.gif --Relating to sound or its reproduction of sound., the audible part of a transmitted signal http://c.quizlet.com/a/i/spacer.Thhr.gif

2.)  Cyberbully http://c.quizlet.com/a/i/spacer.Thhr.gif--- The electronic posting of mean-spirited messages about a
person (as a student) often done anonymously.

3.)  Desktophttp://c.quizlet.com/a/i/spacer.Thhr.gif --The background on the windows, menus, and dialog boxes
on a PC.

4.)  Digitalhttp://c.quizlet.com/a/i/spacer.Thhr.gif ---Characterized by electronic and especially computerized technology.

5.)  e-books  ---http://c.quizlet.com/a/i/spacer.Thhr.gif A paper book changed to a digital format for display
on a computer screen or handheld device.

6.)  http://c.quizlet.com/a/i/spacer.Thhr.gifElectronichttp://c.quizlet.com/a/i/spacer.Thhr.gif --a term that describes, or relates to, or utilizing devices constructed or working
by the methods or principles of electronics.

7.)  http://c.quizlet.com/a/i/spacer.Thhr.gifEthicalhttp://c.quizlet.com/a/i/spacer.Thhr.gif-- Involving questions of right and wrong behavior, following accepted
rules of behavior: morally right and good.

8.)  Firewallhttp://c.quizlet.com/a/i/spacer.Thhr.gif-- Technology that prevents users from visiting inappropriate
web sites, and protects the network from unauthorized users.

9.)  http://c.quizlet.com/a/i/spacer.Thhr.gifHackerhttp://c.quizlet.com/a/i/spacer.Thhr.gif-- An unauthorized person who secretly gains access to computer files. http://c.quizlet.com/a/i/spacer.Thhr.gif

10.)  Public Domainhttp://c.quizlet.com/a/i/spacer.Thhr.gif-- Software written and then donated to the everyone.
Anyone can use free of charge, but it is not always the same quality as commercial software.

Applied Technolopgy Course Description
Applied Tech Vocab List

March 6
SMS Spring Concert

May 24
SMS Honor Day

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