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Breaking News

School Safety Update

Thank you to the Salem Police Department for their work on the investigation of a potential school safety concern.  There was no credible threat. Police have determined that the Salem Middle School student was responding to an inappropriate joke.  We commend the students for alerting administration and teachers of a possible safety concern, however; as the situation was discussed among students after school hours (in person and online), the facts of the case were distorted, altered, and misrepresented.  Additional untrue comments were rumored in connection with this incident.  Again, there is no credible threat. 

Student Services Sub-Sections

Teen Work Hours Restrictions:  Indiana Department of Labor - Bureau of Child Labor

 To email one of the following staff members, click on the name:

Miss Jennifer Lawyer, Principal

Mr. Clinton Blankenbaker, Assistant Principal

Ms. Cassie McIntire, Student Services Counselor

Mr. Blair Thompson, Student Services Coordinator

Mr. Seth Purlee, Activities/Sports Coordinator

Ms. Tessa King,Student Services/ Attendance

Ms. Janet Farnsley, Student Services/ Health Center

Ms. Shelli Smith, Administrative Assistant

Ms. Rachel Weedin, Treasurer


May 24
SMS Honor Day

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