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Breaking News

Screenagers- Free viewing at SHS posted by Anne O'Connell

 Did you know that teens spend an average of 6.5 hours a day on social media, computer games and the internet?   Screenagers: Growing up in the Digital Age is a new movie exploring how this screen time is affecting young people and how some families are managing this technology in their lives. 

Parents, students and community members are invited see the film at Salem High School on May 2 at 6 pm.  Admission is free, but in order to plan for seating and refreshments, reservations are requested at this link.  Click the “Free” button to reserve your seats. 




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Student Work

Week of Assignment Sample Outputs


Skills Review pgs. 5-34 & 35

Project Builder 1 pgs. 5-36 & 37

Skills Demo 5

Ultimate Tours 5

03/02/09 FLASH CHAPTER 5

Project Builder 2 pgs. 5-38 & 39
Bee Project Assignment

 Bee Project


Project 1

Spring Break Brochure

03/23/09 Spring Break
03/30/09 PHOTOSHOP

Project 2
































Jonathon Brown

Bee Project


Taylor Jones

Summer BBall


Tera Krieger

Bee Project


Daniel Lytle



Justin Taylor

Ultimate Tours 5

  Jerod Farmer   
Cody Moore    Katelyn Hartledge   
Luke Martin    Gordon Emily   
Nicole Collins    Kayla Jacobs   
Rachel Wallace    Shanda Barnard   
Jennie Balough    Aubrey Baer   
Jimmy Leep    Kenny Highsmith   
Charles Spalding    Tyler Lowery   
Kelly Brough    Eli Day   
Adam Kinzie    Stephen Hill   

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April 24
B V Golf at Otis Park vs. Bedford/Paoli, 4:30 pm

April 24
V Baseball Rain Date, 5:00 pm

April 24
G V Tennis vs. Austin, 5:00 pm

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