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SHS Business and Information Technology


I'm Debbie Allen and I have taught business and information technology at SHS for 20 years.  This spring I am teaching computer applications, accounting I and II, and web design.  This site is being created for the convenience of my students and their parents in accessing course information.  I also plan to use the site to recognize and display student achievement.

Featured Business Students

Venture Club of Louisville 

These business students represented SHS at the Venture Club of Louisville April business luncheon at the Galt House in Louisville.  Venture Club of Louisville 
The Venture Club is a monthly business meeting where entrepreneurs present ideas to start or expand businesses, and community business leaders have the opportunity to invest in those ideas. During this month’s meeting, the business ventures seeking funding included a restaurant, a biofuels producer, and a movie being produced and filmed in Louisville. Representatives from each venture gave presentations on their products, financial strategies and marketing strategies.
The featured speaker for the meeting was Charles Denny, Regional President of PNC Bank. Mr. Denny talked about the changes in the banking system likely to emerge as a result of the recent economic meltdown and how these changes will impact economic development, especially for the emerging and small businesses within our region. 
The meeting provided a tremendous learning experience for the students and the opportunity to network with entrepreneurs and venture capitalists from the Louisville area, as well as other high school and MBA students. For more information on the Venture Club, the website is www.ventureclub-louisville.org.

National Financial Literacy Challenge

Personal Finance was offered for the first time at SHS this fall.  The students participated in National Financial Literacy Challenge studentsthe U.S. Department of the Treasury's National Financial Literacy Challenge, an initiative recommended by the President's Advisory Council on Financial Literacy. 
Twenty two SHS students scored in the top 25th percentile of the nation's scores and received certificates of recognition from the President's Council on Financial Literacy and the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

The on-line Challenge was taken by more than 75,000 high school students from rural areas, suburbs, and cities in this country and in Department of Defense schools around the National Financial Literacy Challenge students 2world.

The students who scored in the top 25th percentile include Evan Badger, Justin Bowling, Jonathon Brown, Cheri Burton, Nicole Collins, Laken Crady, Autum Cruz, Shelby Dozer, Kaila Dunn, Brandon Goodhue, Kenny Highsmith, Chancla Hobson, Brandy Hunter, A.J. Losson, Terra Land, Jimmy Leep, Doris Lykins, Chris Orndorff, Chris Roll, Thomas Snider, Justin Taylor, and Daman Wynn.  Some students were not available for the pictures.

National Financial Literacy Challenge students 3 



Personal Finance
Computer Programming
SHS Business & Information Technology Website
Computer Applications
Web Design

October 18
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October 25
SHS Studio Theatre Production I

October 26
SHS Studio Theatre Production I

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