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Teacher Pages Sub-Sections

Chapter 4 Federalism     GOVERNMENT


In this chapter we will look at the division of governmental power.  We determine the good and bad points as well how it affects you.

READ pages   95- 115   (Individual Assignments)


DUE Monday. September 16.

Reading Check page 100

1a, 2b, 3a, and 7 (don’t make the graph only answer the second part of the question)  page 102

3a & b, and 4b page 110

1b, 2 a & b, and 3 a & b page 115

4, 5 and 8 pages 118 – 119


Powers of Government

Federalist Papers No. 39

Hurricane Katrina

Terms Sheet

GROUP ASSIGNMENT  DUE Tuesday, September 17


Each group will choose a topic from the following list and construct a 3- 6 minute power point.  Power points should be mostly pictures to illustrate your point.  Captions are good.

1)    Federalism / Divided powers   pages 96 – 100

2)    Limits / Relation  pages 100 – 102

3)    Supreme Court and Dual Federalism / Marshall Court  page 106

4)    Expanding National Powers  pages 108- 109

5)    New Federalism   pages 110- 111

6)    Fiscal Federalism & Grants & Mandates  pages 113 – 114

7)    Issues Today  pages 114 – 115



Test Wednesday, September 18


World History              Chapter 4


In this chapter we will look at the last two civilizations, China and India.  We will see that they started along rivers like the others but developed into their own unique pattern.                                                                                                                                                          READ 90 -97  (DUE THURSDAY)


                1 page 92

                       Reading Check page 94

                        Skills focus 3 page 95

                        Reading Check page 96

                        1b, 2a, 3 a & b page 97

READ 98 – 102  (DUE MONDAY)


                Summarize page 101

                        Reading Check page 101

                        Reading Check page 102

                       1 a & c, 2a & 3a page 102

READ 103 – 107   (DUE WEDNESDAY)


                Analyze page 105

                        Reading Check page 107

                        1 b & c, 2 a & b (list only) & 4 page 107

READ 108 – 115  (DUE THURSDAY, Sept. 19)


                Skills Focus  1 & 2 page 111

                        Compare page 112

                        Reading Check page 113

                        2 a & b, 3 a & b, 4b page 115

PROJECT:  On Friday, Sept. 13  you and a partner will have time to organize a six page picture book, front only, on typing paper, over one of the following topics about India and China:   Physical Geography; Harrappa & Mohenjo Daro; Vedic period; Buddhism beliefs; Divisions of Buddhism;  Basic teachings of Hinduism; Sacred texts and practices of Hinduism;  Jainsim; Siddhartha Gautama; Shang Dynasty; China’s geography; Zhou dynasty; Confusionism; Daoism.   Make the book as creative as possible using normal size typing paper.  Use pictures that are drawn, cut out of magazines and made from different materials.  You will need to write something for each picture to explain it.  Books are due Monday, Sept. 23 (no late grades).

            TEST           TUESDAY   SEPT. 24    








U.s. history          civil war contract          

In your past history classes you should have studied the Civil War in great detail.  Because of this we are going to quickly review the Civil War using a contract system.  You will be asked to become an expert in one area of the war and share that with the class.  It is preferable to do this in groups, but if you wish I can assign an individual project to you instead.



Individual assignment (everyone must do this)

Read 354 - 399

Answer the following questions  (due 9/12)


          Interpreting graphs  1 page 360


Geography Skills 1 page 361


          Geography Skills 2 page 368


          Geography Skills 1 page 389


          Geography Skills 2 page 392


          Reviewing Key Terms and People page 398


          12 a &c, 13 b & c, 14 b, 15 a & c, 16 a & c, 20 and 21 page 399



Your group may choose from the following topics:


1)    Early battles SumterFredericksburg


2)    Border states – goals and strategies – military equipment


3)    Later battles Chancellorville – Richmond


4)    Daily life and Prisoner of War camps


5)    War at sea and in the West


 Each group will need to present their information with some sort of visual.  You may wish to write a magazine, make a video documentary, write a newspaper, make a graphic timeline, develop a photo essay or anything else that is approved by the teacher.  Your project will be graded on information.  Make sure all pertinent information from the textbook has been used.  Creativity will be looked at and group/class participation. Projects are due 9/16.



There will be no test with this chapter.  Your questions and project will be graded like a take home exam.  You will have a week in class so use the time wisely to do the questions very well and develop a good project.

March 7
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March 12
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