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Teacher Pages Sub-Sections


August 9-12  
Monday: No School
Tuesday: Rules, Dave's Millionaire or not game, Stock Intro-Buy Stocks wksht
Wednesday: Making & losing in the stock market, Gain loss activity
Thursday: Reading a Stock Page wksht, Research stocks, stock sheet
Friday: Sign up & buy stocks using Virtual Stock Market/WSJ - Stock Check sheet


August 15-19  
Monday:  Unit Prices & Concession Stand Project
Tuesday:  Concession Stand Project
Wednesday:  Ch. 5 - Business & the US Economy
Thursday:  Investigate an Entrepreneur
Friday:  Franchises


August 22-26  
Monday:  Ch. 5.3 - Organizational Structure for Bus., Finish Franchising Activity
Tuesday: Intro to Business Plans, Business Plan Planning Form
Wednesday: Part 1: Mission Statement, Vision, Goals, History, Code of Conduct
Thursday: Part 1: Business Plans
Friday: Ch. 18 Credit Fundamentals & Cost of Credit


August 29-Sept 2  
Monday: Ch. 18.4 Protection of Credit Rights
Tuesday: Cost of Credit & Credit Card offers
Wednesday: Dave Ramsey Ch. 4: Dangers of Debt
Thursday: Dave Ramsey Ch. 4: Dangers of Debt
Friday: Dave Ramsey Ch. 4: Dangers of Debt


Sept. 6-9  
Monday:  No School
Tuesday:  Dave Ramsey Packets - Ch. 4  Money In Review
Wednesday:  Debt snowball activity
Thursday:  Business Plan: Market Strategy
Friday:  Business Plan: Market Strategy


Sept. 12-16  
Monday:  Ch. 15.1 Consumer Buyer Decisions
Tuesday:   Ch. 15.2 & 3: Consumer Rights
Wednesday:   Consumer Reports & Car Purchase Activity
Thursday:  Business Plan: Products & Services
Friday:  Business Plan: Products & Services


Sept. 19-23  
Monday:  Dave Ramsey Ch. 5 Video - Consumer Awareness
Tuesday:  Dave Ramsey Ch. 5 Video - Consumer Awareness
Wednesday:  Ch. 5 Money in Review
Thursday:  Business Plans - Organization & Management
Friday:  Stock check, finish Business Plans


Sept. 26-30  
Monday:  Credit Packets
Tuesday:  Credit Packets
Wednesday:  Check point - Credit Quiz
Thursday:  Marketing Concepts & Pricing
Friday:  Stock Check, Marketing Slogans


Oct. 3-7  
Monday: go over Marketing slogans
Tuesday: Start Street Cart Projects
Wednesday: Project work time
Thursday: Project work time
Friday: Project work time


Oct 10-14  Business Foundations
Monday:  Present Projects
Tuesday:  Business Plans:  Marketing
Wednesday:  Dave Ramsey Ch 7: Budgeting
Thursday:  Ch. 7 Money In Review
Friday:  Values & Budgeting


Oct 18-22  
Monday:  Family Feud Activity
Tuesday:  Reading a Credit Report
Wednesday:  Financial Football
Thursday: Fall Break
Friday:  Fall Break


Oct 25-29  
Monday:  Dave Ramsey Ch. 6 - Debt
Tuesday:  Dave Ramsey Ch. 6 - Debt
Wednesday:  Ch. 6 Money In Review
Thursday:  Ch. 12 Business Finance
Friday:  Ch. 12 Business Finance


Oct 31-Nov 4  
Monday: Ch. 12 vocab assessment
Tuesday:  Business Plans - Financial Planning
Wednesday:  Business Plans - Executive Summary
Thursday: Business Plans - Powerpoint
Friday: Business Plans - Powerpoint


November 8-13  
Monday:  Business Plans - Powerpoint
Tuesday:  Business Plan - Powerpoint
Wednesday:  Business Plan - Presentations & Project due
Thursday:  Ch. 13 - Production Pwpt
Friday:  Ch. 13 - Vocab Wksht


November 15-19  
Monday: Ch. 3 International Business pwpt
Tuesday: Ch. 3 International Business vocab wksht
Wednesday:  Insurance
Thursday:  Insurance
Friday:  Insurance questions


November 22-26  
Monday:  Ethics
Tuesday:  Ethics presentations
Wednesday: Happy Break!
Thursday: happy thanksgiving!
Friday: Happy Black Friday!


November 28 - December 2  
Monday:  Start Checking packets
Tuesday:  Depositing & Writing Checks
Wednesday:  January Transactions
Thursday:  Reconciling a bank statement & February transactions
Friday:  March transactions


December 5-9  
Monday:  May transactions
Tuesday:  June transactions
Wednesday:  Workbooks due
Thursday:  Checking questions due
Friday:  Fraud & Scams


December 12-16  
Monday: International Business Customs
Tuesday: Study Guides
Wednesday: Study Guides
Thursday: Study Guides
Friday: Finals start
Planning for College & Careers
Internship Class
Business Foundations
Computer Applications (PFCC - 2nd Semester)

December 2
SHS Choir Performance

December 8
Studio Theatre Production

February 15
Honors Recital

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