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Breaking News

Important Notice

This evening we have received multiple reports of the same social media post that makes a threat toward a school simply referred to as "SHS".  Chief Joey Wheeler has assured us The Indiana State police have confirmed this threat was made two days ago against Springfield High School in Oregon.  This is NOT a threat against Salem High School.

Teacher Pages Sub-Sections


August 9-12  
Monday: No School
Tuesday: Rules, Dave's Millionaire or not game, Stock Intro-Buy Stocks wksht
Wednesday: Making & losing in the stock market, Gain loss activity
Thursday: Reading a Stock Page wksht, Research stocks, stock sheet
Friday: Sign up & buy stocks using Virtual Stock Market/WSJ - Stock Check sheet


August 15-19  
Monday:  Unit Prices & Concession Stand Project
Tuesday:  Concession Stand Project
Wednesday:  Ch. 5 - Business & the US Economy
Thursday:  Investigate an Entrepreneur
Friday:  Franchises


August 22-26  
Monday:  Ch. 5.3 - Organizational Structure for Bus., Finish Franchising Activity
Tuesday: Intro to Business Plans, Business Plan Planning Form
Wednesday: Part 1: Mission Statement, Vision, Goals, History, Code of Conduct
Thursday: Part 1: Business Plans
Friday: Ch. 18 Credit Fundamentals & Cost of Credit


August 29-Sept 2  
Monday: Ch. 18.4 Protection of Credit Rights
Tuesday: Cost of Credit & Credit Card offers
Wednesday: Dave Ramsey Ch. 4: Dangers of Debt
Thursday: Dave Ramsey Ch. 4: Dangers of Debt
Friday: Dave Ramsey Ch. 4: Dangers of Debt


Sept. 6-9  
Monday:  No School
Tuesday:  Dave Ramsey Packets - Ch. 4  Money In Review
Wednesday:  Debt snowball activity
Thursday:  Business Plan: Market Strategy
Friday:  Business Plan: Market Strategy


Sept. 12-16  
Monday:  Ch. 15.1 Consumer Buyer Decisions
Tuesday:   Ch. 15.2 & 3: Consumer Rights
Wednesday:   Consumer Reports & Car Purchase Activity
Thursday:  Business Plan: Products & Services
Friday:  Business Plan: Products & Services


Sept. 19-23  
Monday:  Dave Ramsey Ch. 5 Video - Consumer Awareness
Tuesday:  Dave Ramsey Ch. 5 Video - Consumer Awareness
Wednesday:  Ch. 5 Money in Review
Thursday:  Business Plans - Organization & Management
Friday:  Stock check, finish Business Plans


Sept. 26-30  
Monday:  Credit Packets
Tuesday:  Credit Packets
Wednesday:  Check point - Credit Quiz
Thursday:  Marketing Concepts & Pricing
Friday:  Stock Check, Marketing Slogans


Oct. 3-7  
Monday: go over Marketing slogans
Tuesday: Start Street Cart Projects
Wednesday: Project work time
Thursday: Project work time
Friday: Project work time


Oct 10-14  Business Foundations
Monday:  Present Projects
Tuesday:  Business Plans:  Marketing
Wednesday:  Dave Ramsey Ch 7: Budgeting
Thursday:  Ch. 7 Money In Review
Friday:  Values & Budgeting


Oct 18-22  
Monday:  Family Feud Activity
Tuesday:  Reading a Credit Report
Wednesday:  Financial Football
Thursday: Fall Break
Friday:  Fall Break


Oct 25-29  
Monday:  Dave Ramsey Ch. 6 - Debt
Tuesday:  Dave Ramsey Ch. 6 - Debt
Wednesday:  Ch. 6 Money In Review
Thursday:  Ch. 12 Business Finance
Friday:  Ch. 12 Business Finance


Oct 31-Nov 4  
Monday: Ch. 12 vocab assessment
Tuesday:  Business Plans - Financial Planning
Wednesday:  Business Plans - Executive Summary
Thursday: Business Plans - Powerpoint
Friday: Business Plans - Powerpoint


November 8-13  
Monday:  Business Plans - Powerpoint
Tuesday:  Business Plan - Powerpoint
Wednesday:  Business Plan - Presentations & Project due
Thursday:  Ch. 13 - Production Pwpt
Friday:  Ch. 13 - Vocab Wksht


November 15-19  
Monday: Ch. 3 International Business pwpt
Tuesday: Ch. 3 International Business vocab wksht
Wednesday:  Insurance
Thursday:  Insurance
Friday:  Insurance questions


November 22-26  
Monday:  Ethics
Tuesday:  Ethics presentations
Wednesday: Happy Break!
Thursday: happy thanksgiving!
Friday: Happy Black Friday!


November 28 - December 2  
Monday:  Start Checking packets
Tuesday:  Depositing & Writing Checks
Wednesday:  January Transactions
Thursday:  Reconciling a bank statement & February transactions
Friday:  March transactions


December 5-9  
Monday:  May transactions
Tuesday:  June transactions
Wednesday:  Workbooks due
Thursday:  Checking questions due
Friday:  Fraud & Scams


December 12-16  
Monday: International Business Customs
Tuesday: Study Guides
Wednesday: Study Guides
Thursday: Study Guides
Friday: Finals start
Planning for College & Careers
Internship Class
Business Foundations
Computer Applications (PFCC - 2nd Semester)

March 13
Great American Songbook

May 11
Studio Theatre Production

May 12
Studio Theatre Production

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