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      Assignments August 10-12
Monday: No School
Tuesday: Rules, Hoosier Hot 50 Pictionary
Wednesday: Introduction to Community Service Project & Community Service work time – (show list of resources, handout time logs, use summary planning sheet)Study Skills Wksht (10 pts.)
Thursday: Classroom rules signed (10 pts), Begin Handbook Quiz (may use handbook)
Friday: Finish and go over handbook quiz (45 pts.)






Careers  Assignments August 15-19
Monday: Effective Note-taking Skills video - wksht (20 pts.)  Multiple Intelligences Activity
Tuesday: Why Do People Work? - wksht (due Fri) - go over Note-taking skills wksht
Wednesday: Study Skills video - wksht (15 pts) Learning Styles Activity
Thursday: 5 Lives wksht
Friday: Regroup & plan community service projects, finish why do people work?


Careers Assignments August 22-26
Monday: 5 Lives, Matching Yourself to Career Clusters 2.1,2.2,2.7,2.8,2.10; go over Note-taking & Why do People Work
Tuesday: Finish Matching Yourselves to Career Clusters
Wednesday: Ready for the Real World?, Hoosier Hot 50 Jobs
Thursday: Holland Code, Start Career Cruising
Friday: Career City by Glencoe


Careers Assignments August 29 - September 2rd
Monday: Go over Career City, Career Cruising Worksheet #5 (15 points)
Tuesday: Career Cruising Worksheet #6 (15 points)
Wednesday: Comparing Careers (30 points)
Thursday: A day in the Life, work skills anaysis (15 points)
Friday: Start Career Clusters Projects (100 points)


Careers Assignments September 5-9
Monday: Labor Day - No School
Tuesday: Work on projects
Wednesday: Work on projects
Thursday: Work on projects
Friday: Present Career Clusters Projects


Careers Assignments September 12-16
Monday: Community Service Meetings
Tuesday: 2 Million Minutes
Wednesday: 2 Million Minutes
Thursday: NEFE Financial Literacy Workbooks Unit 1
Friday: NEFE Financial Literacy Workbooks Unit 1


Careers Assignments September 19-23
Monday:  NEFE Unit 1 Quiz
Tuesday:  NEFE Financial Literacy Workbooks Unit 2, values & spending wksht
Wednesday:  NEFE Financial Literacy Workbooks Unit 2, what if wksht
Thursday: Net Pay Calculations & Gross pay worksheet
Friday:  Unit 2 Quiz


Careers Assignments September 26 - October 1
Monday:  Unit 3 NEFE Financial Literacy
Tuesday: Unit 3 NEFE Financial Literacy
Wednesday:  Dollars & sense & risk taker worksheet
Thursday:  Unit 3 Quiz
Friday: Mr. Datillo - Prosser, goal setting speaker


Careers Assignments October 3-7
Monday:  Mrs. Mahuron  -Updating Portfolios, 4 Year Planning
Tuesday:  NEFE Unit 4
Wednesday:  NEFE Unit 4
Thursday:  Calculating Interest
Friday:  Unit 4 Quiz

Careers Assignments October 10-14
Monday:  Trip to College wksht
Tuesday: NEFE Unit 5
Wednesday:  Compare 3 colleges
Thursday: NEFE Unit 5

Balancing a checkbook

Careers Assignments October 17-21
Monday:  NEFE Unit 5 Quiz
Tuesday:  Career Cruising College Research
Wednesday:  Financial Football
Thursday: FALL BREAK

Careers Assignments October 24-28
Monday:  NEFE Unit 6 - Insurance
Tuesday:  NEFE Unit 6 - Insurance
Wednesday: NEFE Unit 6 - Insurance
Thursday:  NEFE Unit 6 Quiz
Friday:  NEFE Unit 7 - Careers


Careers Assignments Oct. 21-Nov 4
Monday:  NEFE Unit 7
Tuesday:  NEFE Unit 7 Quiz
Wednesday:  Community Service Project Work Time
Thursday:  Community Service Project Work Time
Friday:  Community Service Project Work Time


Careers Assignments November 7-11
Monday:  Career Cruising Portfolios
Tuesday:  Portfolios
Wednesday:  Careerbuilder.com - find 4 potential jobs you would apply for
Thursday:  Application - Lincoln Tech
Friday: Job skills tests


Careers Assignments November 14-18
Monday:  Career Brochure
Tuesday:  Career Brochure
Wednesday: Career Brochure
Thursday: Career Brochure due
Friday: Mrs. Mahuron - On Track Magazines


Careers Assignment November 21-25
Monday: Speaker - Health Services Careers
Tuesday: Community Service Presentations & Projects Due
Wednesday: Thanksgiving BREAK!
Thursday: Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Friday: Happy BLACK FRIDAY!


Careers:  Assignments November 28-Dec 2
Monday: Resume Video
Tuesday: Discuss objectives; Start resumes
Wednesday: Resumes
Thursday:  Final version of resumes
Friday:  Start cover letters


Careers: Assignments December 12-16
Monday:  Finish cover letters
Tuesday:  Interviewing video
Wednesday: Start final project for Careers
Thursday: Interviewing Speaker - Sgt. Sabens
Friday: Mock Interviews with final resume, cover letter & application ready


Careers: Assignments December 19-23
Monday: Final Project : Career Presentations
Tuesday: Final Project : Career Presentations
Wednesday: Final: Career Presentations
Thursday: Final:Career Presentations
Friday: Final: Career Presentations


Planning for College & Careers
Internship Class
Business Foundations
Computer Applications (PFCC - 2nd Semester)

March 13
Great American Songbook

May 11
Studio Theatre Production

May 12
Studio Theatre Production

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