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Breaking News

Screenagers- Free viewing at SHS posted by Anne O'Connell

 Did you know that teens spend an average of 6.5 hours a day on social media, computer games and the internet?   Screenagers: Growing up in the Digital Age is a new movie exploring how this screen time is affecting young people and how some families are managing this technology in their lives. 

Parents, students and community members are invited see the film at Salem High School on May 2 at 6 pm.  Admission is free, but in order to plan for seating and refreshments, reservations are requested at this link.  Click the “Free” button to reserve your seats. 




Teacher Pages Sub-Sections



      Assignments August 10-12
Monday: No School
Tuesday: Rules, Hoosier Hot 50 Pictionary
Wednesday: Introduction to Community Service Project & Community Service work time – (show list of resources, handout time logs, use summary planning sheet)Study Skills Wksht (10 pts.)
Thursday: Classroom rules signed (10 pts), Begin Handbook Quiz (may use handbook)
Friday: Finish and go over handbook quiz (45 pts.)






Careers  Assignments August 15-19
Monday: Effective Note-taking Skills video - wksht (20 pts.)  Multiple Intelligences Activity
Tuesday: Why Do People Work? - wksht (due Fri) - go over Note-taking skills wksht
Wednesday: Study Skills video - wksht (15 pts) Learning Styles Activity
Thursday: 5 Lives wksht
Friday: Regroup & plan community service projects, finish why do people work?


Careers Assignments August 22-26
Monday: 5 Lives, Matching Yourself to Career Clusters 2.1,2.2,2.7,2.8,2.10; go over Note-taking & Why do People Work
Tuesday: Finish Matching Yourselves to Career Clusters
Wednesday: Ready for the Real World?, Hoosier Hot 50 Jobs
Thursday: Holland Code, Start Career Cruising
Friday: Career City by Glencoe


Careers Assignments August 29 - September 2rd
Monday: Go over Career City, Career Cruising Worksheet #5 (15 points)
Tuesday: Career Cruising Worksheet #6 (15 points)
Wednesday: Comparing Careers (30 points)
Thursday: A day in the Life, work skills anaysis (15 points)
Friday: Start Career Clusters Projects (100 points)


Careers Assignments September 5-9
Monday: Labor Day - No School
Tuesday: Work on projects
Wednesday: Work on projects
Thursday: Work on projects
Friday: Present Career Clusters Projects


Careers Assignments September 12-16
Monday: Community Service Meetings
Tuesday: 2 Million Minutes
Wednesday: 2 Million Minutes
Thursday: NEFE Financial Literacy Workbooks Unit 1
Friday: NEFE Financial Literacy Workbooks Unit 1


Careers Assignments September 19-23
Monday:  NEFE Unit 1 Quiz
Tuesday:  NEFE Financial Literacy Workbooks Unit 2, values & spending wksht
Wednesday:  NEFE Financial Literacy Workbooks Unit 2, what if wksht
Thursday: Net Pay Calculations & Gross pay worksheet
Friday:  Unit 2 Quiz


Careers Assignments September 26 - October 1
Monday:  Unit 3 NEFE Financial Literacy
Tuesday: Unit 3 NEFE Financial Literacy
Wednesday:  Dollars & sense & risk taker worksheet
Thursday:  Unit 3 Quiz
Friday: Mr. Datillo - Prosser, goal setting speaker


Careers Assignments October 3-7
Monday:  Mrs. Mahuron  -Updating Portfolios, 4 Year Planning
Tuesday:  NEFE Unit 4
Wednesday:  NEFE Unit 4
Thursday:  Calculating Interest
Friday:  Unit 4 Quiz

Careers Assignments October 10-14
Monday:  Trip to College wksht
Tuesday: NEFE Unit 5
Wednesday:  Compare 3 colleges
Thursday: NEFE Unit 5

Balancing a checkbook

Careers Assignments October 17-21
Monday:  NEFE Unit 5 Quiz
Tuesday:  Career Cruising College Research
Wednesday:  Financial Football
Thursday: FALL BREAK

Careers Assignments October 24-28
Monday:  NEFE Unit 6 - Insurance
Tuesday:  NEFE Unit 6 - Insurance
Wednesday: NEFE Unit 6 - Insurance
Thursday:  NEFE Unit 6 Quiz
Friday:  NEFE Unit 7 - Careers


Careers Assignments Oct. 21-Nov 4
Monday:  NEFE Unit 7
Tuesday:  NEFE Unit 7 Quiz
Wednesday:  Community Service Project Work Time
Thursday:  Community Service Project Work Time
Friday:  Community Service Project Work Time


Careers Assignments November 7-11
Monday:  Career Cruising Portfolios
Tuesday:  Portfolios
Wednesday:  Careerbuilder.com - find 4 potential jobs you would apply for
Thursday:  Application - Lincoln Tech
Friday: Job skills tests


Careers Assignments November 14-18
Monday:  Career Brochure
Tuesday:  Career Brochure
Wednesday: Career Brochure
Thursday: Career Brochure due
Friday: Mrs. Mahuron - On Track Magazines


Careers Assignment November 21-25
Monday: Speaker - Health Services Careers
Tuesday: Community Service Presentations & Projects Due
Wednesday: Thanksgiving BREAK!
Thursday: Happy Thanksgiving!!!
Friday: Happy BLACK FRIDAY!


Careers:  Assignments November 28-Dec 2
Monday: Resume Video
Tuesday: Discuss objectives; Start resumes
Wednesday: Resumes
Thursday:  Final version of resumes
Friday:  Start cover letters


Careers: Assignments December 12-16
Monday:  Finish cover letters
Tuesday:  Interviewing video
Wednesday: Start final project for Careers
Thursday: Interviewing Speaker - Sgt. Sabens
Friday: Mock Interviews with final resume, cover letter & application ready


Careers: Assignments December 19-23
Monday: Final Project : Career Presentations
Tuesday: Final Project : Career Presentations
Wednesday: Final: Career Presentations
Thursday: Final:Career Presentations
Friday: Final: Career Presentations


Planning for College & Careers
Internship Class
Business Foundations
Computer Applications (PFCC - 2nd Semester)

April 30
SHS Academic Awards Program

May 1
V Baseball vs. Austin, 5:00 pm

May 1
B V Golf at Trinity Lutheran, 5:00 pm

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