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Teacher Pages Sub-Sections


Week One
Monday: Review Day - Sem. 1
Tuesday: Finals - Semester 1
Wednesday: Finals - Semester 1
Thursday: Rules - intro "Hiring the Dog" project
Friday: Work on "Hiring the Dog" project


Monday: Hiring the Dog presentations
Tuesday: Ch. 1 Marketing & the Marketing Concept - pwpt
Wednesday: Ch. 1 worksheet: functions of marketing
Thursday: NS
Friday:  NS


Monday: Go over Worksheet; Ch. 1 Quiz & advertising activity
Tuesday: SWOT analysis
Wednesday: NS
Thursday: NS
Friday: Ch. 28 - terms & presentation - Marketing Research intro - pwpt


January 24-28  
Monday: Ch. 28 worksheet
Tuesday: Ch. 29 part 1- marketing research methods - pwpt
Wednesday: Ch. 29 part 2 - writing the research suveys - pwpt
Thursday: Ch. 29 worksheet
Friday: Go over Ch. 29 worksheets


January 31-February 4  
Monday: Introduce marketing research projects
Tuesday: work on research projects
Wednesday: "
Thursday: "
Friday: "


February 7-11  
Monday: Finish Reseach Projects
Tuesday: Present and turn in research projects
Wednesday:  Product:  Planning & Mix - Pwpt, Your Turn Questions
Thursday:  Product:  Life Cycles - pwpt, Oil of Olay Case Study
Friday:  Product: Ch. 30 Your Turn Questions, Worksheet


February 14-18  
Monday: Product: Branding Ch. 31 - Pwpt, Logo game
Tuesday: Product: Packaging & labeling - pwpt, Your turn questions
Wednesday: Product: Ch. 31 worksheets
Thursday: Product: Test
Friday: Develop products: project continuation from marketing research


February 21-25  
Monday: Work on developing Products
Tuesday:  Develop Products
Wednesday:  Develop Products
Thursday:  Present Products
Friday:  Pricing: Planning & Economics - Pwpt


February 28-March 4  
Monday: Pricing: Ch.25 worksheet
Tuesday: Pricing: Excel pricing sheet
Wednesday: Pricing: Pricing Strategies Ch. 26 - pwpt
Thursday: Pricing: Pricing Strategies Ch. 26 worksheet
Friday: Pricing: Math worksheet


March 7 - 11  
Monday:  Pricing Strategies worksheets
Tuesday:  Pricing Test
Wednesday:  Work on setting pricing for projects
Thursday:  Price setting for projects
Friday: Pricing Projects


March 14-18  
Monday: Pricing projects
Tuesday: Pricing projects
Wednesday: Pricing projects
Thursday: Present pricing projects
Friday: Internet scavenger hunt


March 28-April 1  
Monday: Speaker - International Business College
Tuesday: Present Projects
Wednesday: Ch. 21 Distribution
Thursday: Ch. 21 worksheet - terms & concepts
Friday: Ch. 22 Channels of distribution


April 4-8  
Monday: Ch. 22 Topps case study and channels of distribution
Tuesday: Ch. 24 Inventory
Wednesday: Ch. 24 Inventory terms and Inventory sheet
Thursday: Ch. 24 Apple Case study
Friday: Ch. 22-24 Quiz


April 11-15  
Monday: Place: Inventory and Distribution Projects
Tuesday: Work on projects
Wednesday: Present Projects
Thursday: Promotion: Ch. 17
Friday: Ch. 17: Terms, Strategies wkshts


April 18-22  
Monday: Promotion: Ch. 18 - Display
Tuesday: Ch. 18 - Display: Terms, Walgreens Case study
Wednesday: Window Display for Projects
Thursday: Window Display for Projects
Friday: Review Ch. 17 & Ch. 18 assignments


April 25-29  
Monday: Ch. 19 Advertising
Tuesday: Ch. 19 Advertising: Terms,
Wednesday: Review Ch. 19 assignments & Case Study
Thursday: Ch. 20 Print Advertising
Friday: Ch. 20 Print Advertising Worksheets


May 2-5  
Monday: Promotion Projects
Tuesday: "
Wednesday: "
Thursday: "
Friday: "
Planning for College & Careers
Internship Class
Business Foundations
Computer Applications (PFCC - 2nd Semester)

March 13
Great American Songbook

May 11
Studio Theatre Production

May 12
Studio Theatre Production

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