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Breaking News

Screenagers- Free viewing at SHS posted by Anne O'Connell

 Did you know that teens spend an average of 6.5 hours a day on social media, computer games and the internet?   Screenagers: Growing up in the Digital Age is a new movie exploring how this screen time is affecting young people and how some families are managing this technology in their lives. 

Parents, students and community members are invited see the film at Salem High School on May 2 at 6 pm.  Admission is free, but in order to plan for seating and refreshments, reservations are requested at this link.  Click the “Free” button to reserve your seats. 




Teacher Pages Sub-Sections


Week One
Monday: Review Day - Sem. 1
Tuesday: Finals - Semester 1
Wednesday: Finals - Semester 1
Thursday: Rules - intro "Hiring the Dog" project
Friday: Work on "Hiring the Dog" project


Monday: Hiring the Dog presentations
Tuesday: Ch. 1 Marketing & the Marketing Concept - pwpt
Wednesday: Ch. 1 worksheet: functions of marketing
Thursday: NS
Friday:  NS


Monday: Go over Worksheet; Ch. 1 Quiz & advertising activity
Tuesday: SWOT analysis
Wednesday: NS
Thursday: NS
Friday: Ch. 28 - terms & presentation - Marketing Research intro - pwpt


January 24-28  
Monday: Ch. 28 worksheet
Tuesday: Ch. 29 part 1- marketing research methods - pwpt
Wednesday: Ch. 29 part 2 - writing the research suveys - pwpt
Thursday: Ch. 29 worksheet
Friday: Go over Ch. 29 worksheets


January 31-February 4  
Monday: Introduce marketing research projects
Tuesday: work on research projects
Wednesday: "
Thursday: "
Friday: "


February 7-11  
Monday: Finish Reseach Projects
Tuesday: Present and turn in research projects
Wednesday:  Product:  Planning & Mix - Pwpt, Your Turn Questions
Thursday:  Product:  Life Cycles - pwpt, Oil of Olay Case Study
Friday:  Product: Ch. 30 Your Turn Questions, Worksheet


February 14-18  
Monday: Product: Branding Ch. 31 - Pwpt, Logo game
Tuesday: Product: Packaging & labeling - pwpt, Your turn questions
Wednesday: Product: Ch. 31 worksheets
Thursday: Product: Test
Friday: Develop products: project continuation from marketing research


February 21-25  
Monday: Work on developing Products
Tuesday:  Develop Products
Wednesday:  Develop Products
Thursday:  Present Products
Friday:  Pricing: Planning & Economics - Pwpt


February 28-March 4  
Monday: Pricing: Ch.25 worksheet
Tuesday: Pricing: Excel pricing sheet
Wednesday: Pricing: Pricing Strategies Ch. 26 - pwpt
Thursday: Pricing: Pricing Strategies Ch. 26 worksheet
Friday: Pricing: Math worksheet


March 7 - 11  
Monday:  Pricing Strategies worksheets
Tuesday:  Pricing Test
Wednesday:  Work on setting pricing for projects
Thursday:  Price setting for projects
Friday: Pricing Projects


March 14-18  
Monday: Pricing projects
Tuesday: Pricing projects
Wednesday: Pricing projects
Thursday: Present pricing projects
Friday: Internet scavenger hunt


March 28-April 1  
Monday: Speaker - International Business College
Tuesday: Present Projects
Wednesday: Ch. 21 Distribution
Thursday: Ch. 21 worksheet - terms & concepts
Friday: Ch. 22 Channels of distribution


April 4-8  
Monday: Ch. 22 Topps case study and channels of distribution
Tuesday: Ch. 24 Inventory
Wednesday: Ch. 24 Inventory terms and Inventory sheet
Thursday: Ch. 24 Apple Case study
Friday: Ch. 22-24 Quiz


April 11-15  
Monday: Place: Inventory and Distribution Projects
Tuesday: Work on projects
Wednesday: Present Projects
Thursday: Promotion: Ch. 17
Friday: Ch. 17: Terms, Strategies wkshts


April 18-22  
Monday: Promotion: Ch. 18 - Display
Tuesday: Ch. 18 - Display: Terms, Walgreens Case study
Wednesday: Window Display for Projects
Thursday: Window Display for Projects
Friday: Review Ch. 17 & Ch. 18 assignments


April 25-29  
Monday: Ch. 19 Advertising
Tuesday: Ch. 19 Advertising: Terms,
Wednesday: Review Ch. 19 assignments & Case Study
Thursday: Ch. 20 Print Advertising
Friday: Ch. 20 Print Advertising Worksheets


May 2-5  
Monday: Promotion Projects
Tuesday: "
Wednesday: "
Thursday: "
Friday: "
Planning for College & Careers
Internship Class
Business Foundations
Computer Applications (PFCC - 2nd Semester)

April 30
SHS Academic Awards Program

May 1
V Baseball vs. Austin, 5:00 pm

May 1
B V Golf at Trinity Lutheran, 5:00 pm

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