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Breaking News

SMS Back in Session 5/24/2017

Salem Middle School will be back in session for a normal day tomorrow - May 24. Our air quality test came back passing. Thank you so much for your patience! There is a document posted on facebook and our website with Frequently Asked Questions about how this will affect S M S students. Please take a look and call us with questions. Thank you!


Who To Contact with Questions

Salem Community Schools
Jackie Arnold, Gifted and Talented Coordinator
500 North Harrison Street, Salem, IN 47167
Bradie Shrum Lower Elementary
Brent Minton Principal
1003 North Harrison Street, Salem, IN 47167
Bradie Shrum Upper Elementary
Jim Ralston, Principal
1011 North Shelby Street, Salem, IN 47167
Salem Middle School
Ray Oppel, Principal
1001 North Shelby Street, Salem, IN 47167
Salem High School
Derek Smith, Principal
700 North Harrison Street, Salem, IN 47167

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