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Kingore Categories of Gifted Characteristics
Advanced Language
·Uses words that seem advanced for the age-level expectations,
·Rewords own language for younger or less mature children,
·Explains how unrelated things are similar,
·Uses words for time concepts (clock and calendar) accurately,
·Uses similes, metaphors, or analogies,
·Asks questions about words.
Analytical Thinking
·Demonstrates complex or abstract thinking,
·Analyzes household or school tasks,
·Notices surprising depth of details about surroundings,
·Takes apart and reassembles things or ideas with skill,
·Expresses relationships and patterns between past and present experiences,
makes up songs, stories, or riddles about experiences,
·Organizes collections of things uniquely,
·Likes to plan or arrange things
Meaning Motivation
·Is philosophical,
·Asks surprisingly penetrating intellectual questions,
·Is curious,
·Demonstrates an unexpected depth of knowledge in one or more areas,
·Pursues interests atypical of age group,
·Exhibits intense task commitment and energy when pursuing interests,
·Is independent.
·Interprets and explains another’s point of view,
·Shows dimension, angle, perspective in art, writing, math solutions, or
problem solving,
·Creates complex shapes, patterns, or graphics,
·Adds interesting details to enhance products.
Sense of Humor
·Says or does something indicating an unexpected, sophisticated humor,
·Catches an adult’s subtle sense of humor,
·Understands and uses puns and riddles,
·“Plays” with language,
·Develops humorous ideas to an extreme.
·Uses humor to defuse tense situations.
·Cares deeply,
·Intense concern for human issues,
·Tries to take action to help someone in need,
·Expresses empathetic feelings through words or art,
·Explains others’ feelings,
·Displays strong sense of fairness and justice,
·Expresses high expectations of self and others,
·Seems to overreact at times.
Accelerated Learning
·Learns new things quickly with minimum practice,
·Uses multiple characteristics when discussing items,
·Reads passages at an advanced, fluent reading level for the age-level expectations,
·Explains the meaning of what has been read,
·Demonstrates an unexpected mastery of math or science concepts,
·Uses a variety of resources to gain advanced information,
·Creates products which seem advanced for the age-level expectations.
BEWARE: Not all Gifted Traits are positive. Gifted children are still children.
They can:

  • Be self-critical; impatient with failures,
  • Be critical of others or of the teacher,
  • Overreact,
  • Domineer,
  • Get angry or cry if things go wrong,
  • Hand in messy work,
  • Refuse to accept authority,
  • Refuse to do rote homework,
  • Become bored with routine tasks,
  • Be more concerned with concept than the details,
  • Make jokes or puns at inappropriate times,
  • Disagree vocally with others or with the teacher about ideas and values,
  • Be nonconforming/stubborn,
  • Be reluctant to move on to another topic.



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