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New Teacher Evaluation IN-TASS
The Indiana Teacher Appraisal and Support System is the model Salem Community Schools is using to design a new teacher evaluation program with help from IU’s Center for Evaluation and Educational Policy or CEEP.
--Slides from 01/03 PowerPoint Presentation
-- Center for Evaluation and Educational Policy http://www.insideindianabusiness.com/newsitem.asp?id=50771 This website includes a news release about CEEP’s work with IN-TASS.
http://www.ceep.indiana.edu/projects/PDF/PB_V9N4_2011_EPB.pdf  This link is to CEEP’s 24-page policy brief on revamping teacher evaluation.
-- IDOE/Dr. Bennett Video
http://www.riseindiana.org Dr. Bennett presents information in a video about the RISE Evaluation Development System created by IDOE as a model for teacher evaluation.
--  Charlotte Danielson Info
www.danielsongroup.org The website features Charlotte Danielson’s Framework for Teaching which is the basis for INTASS
--  IDOE Teacher Evaluation Presentation
http://media.doe.in.gov/growthmodel/documents/eval_podcast_1_11_11_v3.pptx  This IDOE Powerpoint presentation about new Teacher Evaluation process includes the presenter’s  script.

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