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Standard Bearer School District Info
The Standard Bearer School District Network is a national network of public school systems that use a set of standards for developing and assessing their ability to make changes in schools and classrooms. The leaders of these districts and the Schlechty Center for Leadership in School Reform share the belief that the focus of any school reform effort must be on continuous improvement of the quality of the work provided to students through the use of “Working on the Work.” Like other Standard Bearer School Districts working toward a clear vision, focused direction and strategic decision-making, SCS has the potential to provide our students an exemplary education. These three key capacities of Future Orientation, Direction and Focus and Strategic Action are broken down into 10 System Standards designed to help develop and support these capacities. These standards are our on-going guidelines for developing and evaluating our educational planning activities. We will be guided by them, but like any goals for school improvement, we will never be “done” with them. Like exercises, the stretch and strengthen our key capacities.


A Future Orientation
1. Shared Understanding of the Need for Change
2. Shared Beliefs and Vision
Direction & Focus
3. Focus on Students and the Quality of Work Provided to Students
4. Structures for Participatory Leadership
5. Structures for Results-Oriented Decision-Making
6. Structures for Continuity
Strategic Action
7. Ongoing Support
8.  Innovation and Flexibility
9. Technology
10. Collaboration

The Schlechty Center for Leadership in School Reform is a nonprofit corporation with headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky.  The Schlechty Center leads the Standard Bearer School District project as a national network of approximately 50 school systems that use a set of standards for developing and assessing their ability to support building-level and classroom-level change.
The center was created by Phillip C. Schlechty, who points to an urgent need for local schools to move quickly to improve America’s educational system. Standard Bearer School Districts are committed to a common purpose: creating the conditions in schools and in communities to ensure that each student is provided with engaging work and that each student is provided the support he or she needs to do that work.


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