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Breaking News

SMS Back in Session 5/24/2017

Salem Middle School will be back in session for a normal day tomorrow - May 24. Our air quality test came back passing. Thank you so much for your patience! There is a document posted on facebook and our website with Frequently Asked Questions about how this will affect S M S students. Please take a look and call us with questions. Thank you!


 Front Row: Dr. Kim Thurston, Assistant Superintendent, Dee Dee Zink, Transportation Assistant, Erin Humphrey, Director of Information Technology, Dr. Jackie Arnold, Director of Assessment and Program Development.  Back Row: Sue Collier, Treasurer, Jana Hayes Administrative Assistant to the Superintendent, Dawn Smith, Deputy Treasurer/Payroll, & Dr. D. Lynn Reed, Superintendent 



Detailed SCS Information from Indiana Department of Education 



Students of Salem Community Schools’ have outstanding opportunities to pursue academics and develop skills for success in a safe and caring environment.   SCS works to provide its students a better way to learn, to prepare for a career, to make friends, and to achieve the high expectations our community holds for K-12 education. The district has enjoyed the stability of moderate growth over the years and maintained a solid financial history. Indications of the community’s strong support of education for its youth are evident in its 21st Century facilities, state-of-the-art technology, and numerous partnerships with parents and community groups.
Covering approximately 225 square miles in Washington County, SCS includes the townships of Gibson, Jefferson, Monroe and Washington. The schools are located in Salem, the county seat located just west of Interstate 65 in Southern Indiana. Approximately 2,200 students attend Salem High School, Salem Middle School, Bradie Shrum Upper Elementary or Bradie Shrum Lower Elementary. All four schools are located on the nearly 100-acre SCS campus on the north west edge of Salem, along with an administrative offices, alternative school, maintenance buildings and athletic facilities. 
Salem Community Schools employs 277 full-time personnel, which include 127 highly-qualified teachers and administrators, who are committed to meeting the needs of all children within the SCS school community. Staff members keep up-to-date with best practice research and emerging national trends in curriculum, teaching strategies and assessment. A central focus for all SCS classrooms is an emphasis on class work designed to better connect student interests to the lesson. This attention to engaging students in course content is called “Working on the Work” and is based on the work of Dr. Phillip Schlechty. SCS is one of several forward-thinking districts nation-wide involved with the Schlechty Center for Leadership and School Reform as a member of the Standard Bearer School District network.


Discover the Salem Community Schools Difference

·         Clear educational focus K-12 on engaging students in quality work and leading them to success

·         Newly renovated, state-of-the art facilities share a well-manicured 100-acre campus

·         Caring and highly-qualified teachers, counselors, and administrators

·         Academic offerings based on best practice research and emerging national trends in curriculum, instruction, and assessment

·         Wide variety of school clubs, athletics, and after-school activities

·         Computer and internet access in all classrooms, including one-to-one student/computer ratio in high school English classrooms

·         Excellent school-community relationships with local businesses, community betterment groups and nearby two-and four-year colleges

·         Collaborative relationships among teachers, administrators, support staff, and school board

·         Solid financial history 


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